How it works

What is PropertyShares?

The problem with real estate investing today is that it is so hard.

It's hard to find good investments (ACCESS)
It takes a lot of capital to participate (MONEY)
And it takes a lot of time to close a deal (TIME)

That's where PropertyShares comes in.
We fast track the investment process.

Where wholesale investors can browse and invest in real estate loan deals across the country through a managed investment scheme.

Through PropertyShares, investors can review investment-ready deals and decide which deals they would like to invest in. Individuals, companies, trusts and SMSFs can invest as little as $10,000 in each deal, subject to qualifying as a wholesale investor.

Every investment is sourced by the PropertyShares investment team who collect key information on location, asset type, returns, company background, management team, financials and legal documents and present it for your consideration.

The biggest benefit is choice. This enables investors to diversify their investments, spreading their risk. Investors can build their own portfolio of investments across different property types (residential, commercial, industrial), different ranking loans (first mortgage, second mortgage, mezzanine finance) and in different cities (e.g. Melbourne, Sydney, etc.) to achieve their ideal goals on cash flow and return.