How it Works

Peer-to-Peer investing is a way for investors to find and invest in Australian real estate that has traditionally only been available to the top 1%ers. Each investment is sourced by the PropertyShares Investment team for your consideration. The choice is then up to you where you invest your money. Select from first and second mortgages to development projects and other property investment opportunities where investors have full control over where and when they invest. PropertyShares uses advanced technology to allow you to diversify your wealth portfolio by investing small amounts across multiple real estate investments.

Diversify your Wealth

With PropertyShares Investors now have the ability to invest in property much like you would invest in Shares. No longer do you have to invest in one property at a time. Invest 30% in Property A as a first mortgage loan, Invest 20% in Property B as equity in a townhouse development and Invest 10% in Property C as a second mortgage loan. You can now invest in multiple properties across the country to help diversify your real estate investments. This will enable you to diversify your portfolio. The choice is totally up to you. Review each of the investment offerings and then decide which investments are best for you based on your investment strategy and risk profile.

Invest from your Living room

PropertyShares is so simple and straightforward you can do it from the convenience of your living room. With PropertyShares there are no more inspections or auction days. Investors can browse detailed information about each investment online. When you find an investment that suits you, just invest and then monitor and track your investment with regular updates and notifications when returns are paid.

What do we do

We can't tell you how to invest your money or what to invest in because then we become fund managers and financial planners and that's not what PropertyShares is all about. What we actually do is source property investment opportunities from across the country. Each investment has information, reports and analysis on the project, the borrower, management team, financials, projected returns and legal structure all for your consideration. That way, you stay completely in control of your money and can directly monitor how your property portfolio is growing.